Repair & Service

Urgent Repair and Service required!

Give your pool a facelift with a professional renovation or restoration.

At Dazzling pools, we offer the following services to make sure your swimming pool and spa look and run their best:

  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Pool Repair and service
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Pool Renovation & Restoration

When you schedule any of the above services with us, you will get a courtesy confirmation call letting you know when our uniformed technician will arrive at your home. In most cases, you do not need to be there for us to perform our services

Repair Services

When a problem with your pool occurs, the professionals at Swimming Pool Services are ready with fast, friendly service. Help is just a phone call away. Our certified service technicians will have you back into the water quickly.

Following are the repair services we provide:

  • In-store filter cartridge cleaning
  • Motor replacements
  • Leak detection and repair
  • New installations or repairs on equipment including: filter systems, heaters, and pumps”

Timely Pool Maintenance

Keeping a swimming pool clean and healthy is a big challenge. That’s our job and we take it seriously. Our regular maintenance service means that your pool will receive consistent cleaning. our factory-trained technicians will thoroughly clean, brush, vacuum & net your pool & waterline. They will empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets robotic cleaner bags, and backwash filters when necessary. Prior to leaving they will properly adjust run times and valve positions for optimal circulation depending on the environment and season.

Each cleaning visit includes:

  • Vacuum the pool
  • Brush the walls & tiles
  • Empty the skimmer baskets
  • Clean or backwash the filter
  • Empty the pump & filter basket
  • Skim away any surface debris
  • Test and adjust the chemicals
  • Leave a service ticket, reporting what we’ve done
  • View our full service Maintenance Plans

Vinyl Liner Replacement

If you’re considering a new vinyl liner, let Dazzling Pools help with this transition. With over 25 years of experience, Swimming Pool Services specialises in making Vinyl liner Replacements as painless as possibl

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